in all its glory

Explore the Chateau

Sitting and relaxing

At the centre of the house is the salon, where guests can congregate. Off the salon there is a smaller sitting room, which also acts as a television room. There is also a comfortable study which is ideal should you need to escape to mix in some work with your pleasure.

Dining and Eating

There are plenty of choices: a formal dinner in the Dining Room; a snug supper in front of the kitchen fire; lunch or dinner on the terrace; or shaded under the Ginko tree, next to the barbeque.


The kitchen splits into two. In the main kitchen there is a large work surface and range, and kitchen table in front of a fire. Tucked away behind are two dishwashers, double sinks, a large fridge and the clutter of plates, pots and pans. There is a built in barbeque next to the outdoor table.


The bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor are large and airy. On the second floor they are cosier and more private. (See the floor plan for details.)

Enjoying the Grounds

Tennis, swimming, ping pong, archery or boules are at your disposal. As is Cornholes, a game from the American Mid-West and most addictive. The trampoline provides hours of fun for children.
Of course, you can just relax in the grounds – perhaps in a hammock in the shade.